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Advanced Features

Fraud detection avatar
Risk Level
Fraud detection avatar
Risk Level
Fraud detection avatar
Risk Level

Risk Level Detection

Detect and limit the threats you take from potentially fraudulent orders. You're provided all the necessary means to adjust the number of potential threats you may face with a simple 0-100% system.

Detailed Analytics

Receive helpful insights into every order. View information such as your most common country and referral link to better adjust your product for maximum recognition.

Livechat PRO ONLY

Provide instant and realtime support to your customers via our extensive livechat system. Improve productivity by having all your buyer's issues addressed in realtime through Selly on the same product page they bought from.

Many Gateways and Currencies

Support a wide range of payment gateways including multiple crypto currencies. Accept payments in 25 currencies including USD, EUR, RUB and SEK. View your dashboard in the desired currency and utilize different currencies across products with ease.

Bitcoin Cash
Perfect Money


The most competitive pricing on the market

Crypto Currencies

We charge a fixed percentage-based commission each time you receive a crypto currency payment over $9.99 USD. For all our crypto currencies, the miner fee required to forward the payment to you is deducted from the amount you receive.


and miner fees

Other Payment Methods

Selly charges a 2.5% commission fee for PayPal and Perfect Money payments above $9.99 USD. We do not charge any fees for Stripe payments. All payment gateway specific fees are separate to our commission.


and gateway fees


for Stripe payments