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Risk Level

Risk Level Detection NEW

Selly can detect and limit the threats you take from potentially fraudulent orders. Selly provides all the necessary means to adjust the number of potential threats you may face with a simple 0-100% system.

Detailed Analytics

Receive helpful insights into every order. View information such as your most common country and referral link to better adjust your product for maximum recognition.


Provide instant and realtime support to your customers via our extensive livechat system. Improve productivity by having all your buyer's issues addressed in realtime through Selly on the same product page they bought from.

Embed Products

Selly provides a simple and easy to use script to embed products straight on your website with a lightweight widget. You can view an example of this widget by clicking here.

<script src=""></script>
<!-- Then use the data-selly-product attribute to link -->
<button data-selly-product="product-id-here">Pay</button>
<!-- Simple as that! -->

And many more...

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How much does Selly cost?

Selly is currently a free service for a majority of transactions. For Bitcoin we only charge a 2.5% fee on medium-large transactions and 0% for PayPal and Bitcoin. Bitcoin miner fees are also deducted from our fee rather than your payment.

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How does it work?

You create a product and give the link to any potential customers. When a buyer pays, the money goes straight to your account and we listen for a payment. We then automatically deliver the purchased product to the customer's email, instantly.

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What does Selly provide?

Selly provides a auto purchase system when the customer instantly receives their product after successful payment. Selly takes care of the complicated handling of automation/delivery whilst you receive your payments instantly without holds.

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