Some parts of Selly that make us different

Our unique features are unmatched and are constantly growing

Fraud Protection

Fraudsters are added to our fraud database and prevented from buying your product


Blacklist emails, IP addresses and even countries from buying your products


Add coupons for specific products and adjust all aspects of it

Multiple Gateways

Accept PayPal, Bitcoin and Stripe, all automated with ease


Get instant notifications, you don't even need to be on Selly to get them (worker notifications)


Indepth system for buyers to leave their opinions and for sellers to respond to them

Product Groups

Group any products into a specific link rather than manually linking all your products

Many Options

Many advanced options for your products, limit min/maximum quantity and much more


Buyers can easily start a conversation with sellers simply by clicking "contact" on a product

Free/Low Fee

We charge no fees apart from 2.5% on larger Bitcoin transactions. Only fees applied are the gateway's specific fee


We'll quickly help solve any problems via our ticket system

API & Developer Friendly

Build your product via our platform, utilizing our API and IPN

Convinced and ready to start selling?