A completely unmatched feature set for e-commerce

Plethora of Gateways

Accept payments via 8 supported gateways: PayPal, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, Stripe, Perfect Money

Fraud Prevention

Configure and set your maximum risk level threshold for a order. Risk level is calculated via advanced artificial intelligence pattern analysis

International Support

Support your international users with a checkout experience in their native language. Accept payments in 25 different currencies

Realtime Checkout Experience

Customers are kept up to date in realtime with regarding their order and are notified instantly if there are any changes to the status

No Limits

Create unlimited products and accept have unlimited orders, you can have a unlimited number of everything


Blacklist IPs, emails and even countries from purchasing any of your products

Detailed Statistics

Break down every aspect of your analytics whether it's income, views or more. Integrate Google Analytics as well as our analytics engine

High Conversion Rate

Increase your conversion rate with the most aesthetically pleasing checkout/product pages available


Invite affiliate users to refer customers to your products and easily keep track of the income generated by them


Create and administer coupon codes for your products

Realtime Notifications

Receive instant browser notifications when you receive a order, you're left feedback and much more

Feedback System

Customers who have paid are able to leave feedback for the purchased product. You can respond to the feedback which will be displayed under their feedback


Have a help desk built straight into your store. Customers can easily create confidential queries straight from the product page and you can easily conversate regarding any of their concerns


We're here to help you with any questions you have regarding Selly. Our average support ticket reply time is 2 hours

Developer Friendly

Develop your own platforms ontop of Selly. You can easily accept payments via Selly Pay on your own platform. Access information via the API and complete webhook support

We're only getting started. That's just a small glimpse of what we offer, join us today