Frequently Asked Questions

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What fees are charged for using Selly?

Selly is currently a free service for a majority of transactions. For Bitcoin we only charge a 2.5% fee on medium-large transactions and 0% for PayPal and Bitcoin. Selly has 4 transaction types: micro, small, medium and large. We classify "medium transactions" as a set in stone Bitcoin value that is roughly $10+ depending on the exchange rate. Bitcoin miner fees are deducted from the amount sent to the seller.

PayPal and Stripe do not currently have Selly fees, but both have their own gateway fee charged by either PayPal or Stripe. Their fees vary depending on country and can be found at and

In short:

How does it work?

Once registered, you have the ability to set your PayPal email, Bitcoin address and Stripe keys. You then can create a product and give the link to any potential customers. When a buyer pays, the money goes straight to what you previously set and we listen for a payment. We then automatically deliver the purchased product to the customer's email, instantly.

What does Selly provide?

Selly provides a auto purchase system when the customer instantly receives their product after successful payment. Selly takes care of the complicated handling of automation/delivery whilst you receive your payments instantly without holds. We also provide many features to suit your e-commerce needs such as feedback, queries, blacklisting and many more.

The product I bought doesn't work, please refund me

Contact the seller for issues with your product, not us. You can click contact on their products/user page. We never touch any money and therefore cannot issue a refund.

How do I change my avatar?

We use for our avatars. Register with the same email as you did on Selly and your avatar will be displayed here automatically. Do note that it may take up to an hour to show due to caching.

Why am I marked as fraudulent?

You most likely chargedback and we automatically add chargebacks to the fraud database to prevent mass chargebacks on our sellers. We recommend you work it out with the seller first before disputing. If it's a valid reason, we can remove the block. To do this, create a ticket with adequate proof showing how you were manipulated to the point of having to create a dispute on PayPal.

I just paid and didn't receive the email?

If you paid with Bitcoin, you must wait for 2 confirmations. If you still haven't received it, create a ticket with the order ID and your email and we will provide you with your delivered information if the order was indeed successful.

Received a PayPal order and got the money, but it shows as unpaid on Selly?

You must ensure that your PayPal account is allowing IPN requests. If you are requried to manually enter the IPN url, you can contact us for it via a ticket.

How do I update a feedback I previously left?

By the same link you left it at. It can be found in your product delivery email by visiting the big blue button.

Go to the settings page and upload an image to the section titled "banner image". A size of 1300x350 will lead to the best results.

What's the difference between realtime notifications and service worker notifications?

Service worker notifications includes all of what realtime notifications include. Service worker notifications have the added benefit of not having to have Selly open to get the notification. So you could be browsing any site and get a notification for Selly instantly without even having Selly open in any tabs. Only downside is current browser support. You can find out if you support it here. Realtime notifications are supported on twice the amount of browsers.

Can you add X as a payment gateway?

It depends on a few factors. Is the gateway internationally recognized and supported like platforms such as PayPal and Stripe? If so, create a ticket and we can look into it.

How do I block someone I don't want buying from me?

Simple, add them to your blacklist and they won't be able to buy.

Order was paid but the Bitcoin hasn't been sent to me?

Bitcoin isn't forwarded to your address instantly. It can take up to a couple hours in rare cases, but mostly is 10 minutes.

My order didn't confirm in the 1 hour expiration time?

The expiry timer is until Bitcoin is received by the address, not when it's confirmed.