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Sell digital products from your own store, accept payments and more, all through one simple yet extensive platform

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All-In-One Platform

Selly provides all aspects of an e-commerce solution that you will require, including coupons, customer feedback, analytics and more. You focus on improving your business whilst we handle the complicated parts for you.

Automated Delivery

Whether it's a file, serial number, e-book, service or even dynamically generated via an API, we provide instant automated delivery of goods to the customer.

Support your Customers

Your customers shouldn't have to deal with long convoluted ways of getting help with your product or even asking a simple question. Increase your customer satisfaction with our full query system integrated directly into your shop and product pages.

Many Gateways and Currencies

Support a wide range of payment gateways including multiple top crypto currencies in many different currencies.


The most competitive pricing on the market

Crypto Currencies

We charge a fixed percentage-based commission each time you receive a crypto currency payment over $9.99 USD. For all our crypto currencies, the miner fee required to forward the payment to you is deducted from the amount you receive.


and miner fees

Other Payment Methods

Selly charges a 2.5% commission fee for PayPal and Perfect Money payments above $9.99 USD. We do not charge any fees for Stripe payments. All payment gateway specific fees are separate to our commission.


and gateway fees


for Stripe payments